The Microsoft Dynamics CRM approach to customer centricity

In our Insurance webinar our MD, Billy Lyle looks at how Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps increase productivity and make the most from customer interactions.

Webinar: Thursday 24th November @ 11:00am

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What's covered in this webinar?

Do the words comparison site make you squirm a little?

The UK insurance industry suffers the highest rate of customer churn verses other service industry segments. A recent customer retention survey commissioned by Accenture estimated that insurers lose around 20 per cent of their customers each year that results in £3.3 billion of churn across home and motor insurance alone. That equates to approximately £500,000 to £1 million in lost premiums for every 1,000 policies.

There are three key areas to focus on:

  • Customer insight – how well do you know your customers? Do you have the data? Do you have the segmentation? Do you have the interaction?
  • Personalised products and services – do you offer them? Can you operationally support them?
  • Channel Recognition – Customers are setting the tone now and have increasingly complex purchase journeys. How are you acknowledging the shift?

Why get involved?

Join our free webinar to explore how Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides Insurance providers with the type of customer centricity tools that keeps your policyholders off the comparison sites.

Your Presenter:

Billy Lyle, Managing Director, Redspire CRM

Billy Lyle

Managing Director,

Redspire CRM

Let’s take 20 and discover the difference that CRM makes to the winning and losing of policyholders.

What you will learn:

  • How CRM enables your business to operate with more customer centricity.
  • The logistical impact on your business operations versus the outcomes.
  • The process you should be using to evaluate CRM offerings and partner selection.
  • What make Microsoft Dynamics better geared up for the insurance sector than other CRM platforms.

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