Webinar: GDPR - How It affects you now

Webinar: GDPR – How it affects you now

Do you know what GDPR is and have you started to think about how it affects your business yet?

It’s a major move from the regulation of 1998’s Data Protection Act, which will now become law. Eleven months might sound like a long time to prepare, but with fines sitting at a minimum of €10m or 2% of worldwide sales for lower level infringements, and €20m or 4% for upper level (whichever is larger), your business cannot afford to ‘get around to it’. You need a proactive and rigorous approach to ensure that you and your team understand the changes, your CRM is set up to handle them and that your CRM users know how to navigate them.

We are all digitally connected 24/7 so it stands to reason that these changes need to happen. Whether you already have CRM or you’re exploring it, whether it’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 or another system, our webinar will point you in the right direction of what to do next.

In this webinar we will:

  • Explain the principles of GDPR.
  • Take you through the implications for your marketing, sales and data management.
  • Outline where Microsoft has already prepared Dynamics 365 for GDPR compliance.
  • Help you identify what you can do yourself and where you need Microsoft Partner input.
  • Outline your GDPR next steps.

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