Predicting CRM ROI

In the initial stages of your CRM project, it’s important for you to scope out your potential costs and benefits, allowing you to set appropriate measures and present your business case which will in turn help with stakeholder buy in.

Join our 20 minute webinar

In this final webinar of our CRM Preparation Series, we’ll show you the importance of ROI and cost benefit evaluations and how to build them into your CRM proposal.

Date: Thursday 24th May 2018

Time: 11:00 am

Webinar objectives:

  • Understand how to plan ROI and expected benefits of CRM before implementation.
  • Identify the areas where CRM will increase efficiency in your organisation.
  • Consider the opportunities for increased effectiveness across all departments.

Series overview:

This is the final webinar in our CRM Discovery Series. Register now and if you can’t manage, we’ll get the recording to you.

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Webinar Date: Thursday 24th May 2018

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