Step 7 - Choose Your Platform

Choosing your CRM Solution Providers

Our webinar will help you prepare your checklist for choosing the right CRM solution and partner. Months are spent scoping business requirements and investigating platforms but if you don’t have the right partner on board, you won’t get the best possible return.

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In this webinar which is the 7th of the series, we will put our own bias aside and outline the several factors you should consider when getting closer to choosing a CRM solution and partner.

Afterward, you will have a clearer idea of the non-negotiables and the features that will swing you one way or the other based on your business’ needs.

Date: Thursday 12th April 2018
Time: 11:00 am

Webinar objectives:

  • Identify key questions you should ask yourself before you start.
  • Understand how to assess and evaluate Partners on their processes, service offering, experience.
  • Learn what you should consider when looking at a platform.

Series overview:

Our next webinar will show you how to predict your CRM ROI. If you’ve missed any of our webinars from our preparation series, see the full topic list below.

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Webinar Date: Thursday 12th April 2018

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