Microsoft Dynamics 365 Licensing Explained

Webinar: Dynamics 365 Licensing Explained

What’s new with Dynamics 365 Licensing?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has changed the game for the CRM and ERP industries. As well as the marriage of process and productivity, the role based licensing has excited industry leaders, Microsoft partners and customers alike.

The flexible licensing approach offers user relevance previously unseen in the category. However, it does mean it requires more thought than just deciding how many users you want to license.

Take twenty minutes with us to understand the licensing now. In our free webinar, we’ll take you through how the licensing for Dynamics 365 works and how it makes your investment work harder for your business.

During the webinar, we will discuss:

  • Dynamics 365 licensing levels
    • Teams
    • Apps
    • Plans
  • How to know what you need
  • Pricing
    • Tiered Pricing
    • Transitional pricing for existing Dynamics CRM customers.
    • Offers for customers who want to migrate from another CRM or ERP platform
  • Licensing & Pricing Q&A
  • Understand the options and timescales for moving to Dynamics365.

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