Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales

Webinar: Dynamics 365 for Sales

Digital Intelligence for Every Lead

CRM has always been the go-to for sales and customer service. And Microsoft Dynamics CRM always ticked the boxes for most. The only frustration our clients had was the need to run a separate ERP system.

Now that Dynamics 365 has landed, just what difference will the integration across the whole business make to the sales team? Just how does Dynamics 365 for Sales bring digital intelligence into every lead and how do you get the best from it?

Join us in our 20-minute webinar as we map out how Dynamics 365 has raised the bar for Sales CRM.

During the webinar, you will learn:

  • How Dynamics 365 for Sales connects with the other parts of Dynamics 365 providing actionable insight, personal engagement and customer management to meet sales performance goals.
  • How to focus on the priorities and improve conversion performance.
  • How to keep acquisition costs down with understanding of what is working where.
  • How to qualify leads using the CRM process flow and business rules.
  • How the app extends its reach into account management to easily see and strategically expand opportunities when you see them.

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