Webinar: High Value Marketing

Webinar: High Value Marketing With Dynamics 365

For high value products, the sale is dependent on a good journey from lead to conversion and then retention. Actionable insight from data helps marketers to identify what works at what stage but what if that valuable data is sitting on separate department databases?

Since it launched in late 2016, Dynamics 365 has been described as a game changer for operational efficiency and customer experience. For the first time, the full workflow is on one system so that every interaction is informed, and every sale is creating data and insight to fuel the next wave of marketing.

Join us in our 20-minute webinar as we map out how Dynamics 365 has made it easier to create, run and prove ROI on marketing campaigns.

During the webinar you will learn how:

  • To track what channels and customers are giving the best ROI.
  • Closed loop marketing allows you to track all campaign activity as well as collect and analyse the results.
  • Knowing customer context, job roles and pains make your customer nurture and sales journey more effective.
  • To identify what channels are most effective for each stage of the funnel including when and how to use human contact points.
  • To understand when is the right time to handover to sales and track the onward journey including any return to marketing.
  • Marketing lists are created to segment your leads, contacts and accounts for more effective, targeted marketing.

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