Do you know what your customers want?

Gartner consumer research has highlighted a gap between what consumers want and what insurers are delivering.

Customer experience is now the prime decision maker for current clients and new prospects.

In this 20-minute webinar, gain insight into how insurers can improve customer engagement and gain competitive advantage through digital technology and good change management. Deploy market-leading technologies that provide outstanding customer experiences, build value and trust and create loyal customers from that very first touchpoint and beyond.

In this Webinar we will take you through:

  • An overview of the improvements a technology enabled customer journey could add to your insurance business
  • Current and emerging Microsoft technologies to enable that journey
  • Getting started now to transform operations and CX
  • Culture change and good change management to engage the Board, colleagues and end users

Dates and Times Available: Thursday 25th October at 2pm or Thursday 8th November at 11am

Format: 20-minute presentation followed by 10minute interactive Q&A.

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Webinar Date: Thursday 25th October 2018 or Thursday 8th November 2018

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