The Step by Step Guide to Getting CRM Right - Step 1

The Step by Step Guide to Getting CRM Right – Step 1

There seems to be a lot of smoke and mirrors surrounding CRM and how to get the ball rolling at the right speed and in the right direction. This article will map out the CRM specification process, explaining what each step entails and how making the right decisions now will save your time, money and sanity further down the line. Following and documenting the steps below will ensure that your objectives are in line with your business requirements, that you know the level of involvement required from each department and that you have a granular enough understanding of your business processes to spot possible opportunities and alleviate business pains to maximise your ROI.

Never has there been a better time to invest in a CRM system, however, it is only worthwhile if your business requirements are scrutinised with the necessary level of analytical rigour. The following steps provide you with the tools you need to begin your CRM journey with confidence, knowing exactly what you want to achieve and how to achieve it.

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