A recap of highlights of blogs by our CRM experts over the previous quarter.

Welcome to the second installment of The World of CRM, the digital magazine from Microsoft Dynamics CRM experts Redspire. Our last magazine covered topics including the leading acronyms associated with CRM, what they stood for and what value each type can bring to your business. We hope that you found the roundup insightful and that it contributed to your understanding of how different CRMs can boost your bottom line.

We tailor our projects to help you meet the needs of your business, now and in the future. Our content is no different. We pride ourselves on offering insights that will help you to shape your CRM, meet the needs of your customers, your business and ultimately, achieve success.

As we seek to improve your marketing success, our second issues revisits some of our latest, important, content surrounding driving business growth, using data driven strategies, and most importantly, creating strategies that put your customers at the centre of your CRM.

We hope you enjoy reading,
Billy Lyle, Managing Director, Redspire

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