2014 is set to be a busy a year in the CRM world. Microsoft may have only just released the latest update of Microsoft Dynamics last autumn, but their 2014 pipeline is packed with further ameliorations and additions to their offering. In the roadmap released recently, Microsoft reaffirmed the company’s continued support for its CRM packages, outlining a string of detailed features set to be implemented over the course of year based on improving the social and marketing aspects of Microsoft Dynamics.


Showing their continued trust in the integration of CRM with various social network features, Microsoft have 3 major social events lined up in the pipeline. Microsoft purchased the social monitoring and analytics tool, Netbreeze, last year and is to begin implementing it under the Microsoft Social Listening banner. The first of these Social Listening updates is set to take place in Q2 2014, offering Microsoft Dynamics users a powerful new tool to exploit trends in social networks. A Q3 update to Microsoft Dynamics codenamed Libra will implement further refinements in the way that the CRM interacts with your social media channels.


Microsoft intend to release two relatively major all round updates to Dynamics CRM. Originally, they were tipped to concentrate this year’s updates on just the cloud arm of MS Dynamics CRM, but they have since confirmed both onsite and cloud customers will be updated. Currently titled Leo and Vega, they are set for release Q2 and Q4 respectively. Microsoft have been quite forthcoming with the content to be included in Leo, but the details of Vega remain under wraps until the Convergence Conference in November. Leo is set to concentrate on the service module of MS Dynamics CRM including features such as; better SLA management and email to case automation.


Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Marketing Pilot, now known as Microsoft Dynamics Marketing will receive two updates over the coming year. As with everything under the Microsoft Dynamics umbrella, the UI is identical to the other but a separate cloud program. It is believed that a new pay tier will be instigated to entitled Microsoft Dynamics CRM Enterprise, in which MS Dynamics Marketing will be included free of charge. This new feature is Microsoft’s attempt at unifying the third party Marketing Automation add ons associated with Dynamics, to bring it in line with other Marketing Automation platforms.

The recent acquisition of Parature is sure to rear its head over the course of the year, expect further updates in the coming months and in all likelihood a big reveal later in the year at Convergence. It’s an exciting time to be part of Microsoft’s growing CRM enterprise whether you’re only in the browsing phase or already committed to Microsoft Dynamics, there has never been a better time to embrace it.