Don’t forget about your marketing department this Christmas

The recent CRM 2016 update to Microsoft Dynamics CRM has seen a number of improvements that would make the lives of those within your marketing department more productive and less stressful.

Overview of CRM 2016 – Marketing

With customers being constantly connected to their mobile devices and various other forms of digital technology to connect and engage with their peers and research and evaluate companies and their offerings. This poses a number of opportunities and threats for marketers. CRM 2016 has seen massive improvements to both email and SMS functionality. Marketers now have the capacity to go truly mobile by creating and pushing campaigns directly from their mobile devices in a few easy steps, to keep up with the technology habits of their customers, with multichannel campaigns.

SMS Marketing

There has been significant investment in a number of areas, the biggest investment has been in providing the ability to create and execute SMS marketing campaigns as part of the overarching campaign management. The main purpose of SMS marketing is to build a database of opted in customers by sending out an email blast to marketing list, recipients will respond by text to the short code with the key word. They will then receive an acknowledgement text and the SMS list can be updated. Once they have opted in they can then be nurtured. To nurture those that opted in, send out an SMS blast, and check delivery. Customers will start responding to the new short code with the new keyword, responses can then be tracked and routed and follow ups can be arranged accordingly.


The Microsoft Dynamics 2016 fall update has introduced a new survey designer that enables users to create personalised surveys and send them out to specific groups of customers, to collect feedback about products and services. The surveys are mobile and tablet friendly. Users can set up rules so that when a survey is completed, Microsoft Dynamics CRM will trigger follow up actions that occur immediately. The responses are stored with the corresponding records in CRM, this enables the teams working with the record to see a history of customer feedback to enable them to nurture a sale or resolve an issue more effectively. Through connected workflows automated actions can be triggered when surveys are completed. This can include scheduling an activity or sending automated messages such as an auto-responders, or alerting an account manager. Each survey response is linked back to the individual contact record in CRM and these responses can be aggregated to analyse the survey results. The survey designer will include radio buttons, tick boxes, star ratings and smiley face satisfaction options to cater for virtually any survey type. Landing pages are responsive so CRM surveys can be completed on desktop, tablet and mobile.


Get your marketing department something that they really want this Christmas. Microsoft Dynamics CRM enables marketing users to accurately measure campaigns, perform accurate AB testing, and increase the bang for the buck the marketing department can provide.