3 min readWebinars: 7 reasons we love them!


A webinar is a technology to connect with others via the internet and is a way of offering information on-line via video presentations. The biggest advantage of webinars is that they are extremely cheap to put on (especially compared to on-site seminars).

  1. You Build Relationships Easily
  2. Webinars are a great way for your business to build relationships and trust with a wide audience. If your content is good and you are offering a subject that answers a real problem businesses have, you can get hundreds of people to attend because it is low commitment – they just have to be at a computer or have a tablet or a smartphone to join. One great way to get people to come to your webinar is to advertise on LinkedIn, both through the groups you and your colleagues are a member of and also through paid advertising that is very cost effective.


  3. You Close More Sales
  4. It has been shown time and time again those people who take the time to build trust and authority on the internet make more sales than those who do not. Taking the time to present a regular webinar will naturally build your sales as other businesses see what you have to offer and trust you because of your authoritative content.


  5. You Create a New Revenue Stream
  6. By holding regular webinars, you will connect with people that you have not connected with before and this will naturally lead you to creating a new revenue stream for your company. There are not that many SME doing regular webinars on the internet and so it is an opportunity waiting for the progressive business.


  7. You Assume Less Risk
  8. Organising a seminar costs a lot of cash up front and has a potentially high-risk factor associated with it. On the other hand, a webinar could totally flop and the cash outlay for the seminar is still very small in comparison.


  9. You Can Test New Content Quickly and Easily
  10. If you are going to organise a seminar or launch some paid training or film a series of videos for your company, a webinar is a great way to test out the content cheaply. You can follow up the webinar with a survey that will help you judge whether you have the content right or not.


  11. You’ll Build Targeted Lists of Qualified Prospects
  12. One of the great things about a webinar is that you get all the email addresses of those people that attend and this immediately gives you a list of self-qualified prospects to market to. Couple this with an autoresponder e-mail series to follow up your webinar giving more great content, and also the opportunity to buy from you and you will have an automated sales funnel.


  13. You Protect Yourself From Market Fluctuations
  14. Presenting your company and building relationships can be expensive in the off-line world. However, webinars are a powerful, cheap way to present yourself to the world and even in times of economic stricture, it can still be carried on.