At Redspire, we like to think that we’re unique. And now there’s one more reason to believe so!

So what’s the big deal? Here it comes: Every employee at Redspire now holds a Microsoft Dynamics CRM Certification. In other words, we’re all official experts in the Dynamics CRM application – everyone from the CEO to the Office Administrator.

So what is Microsoft Dynamics CRM Accreditation, actually? Put simply, it’s a thorough method of distinguishing experts in the Dynamics CRM product.

Since Microsoft wanted to scrutinise our knowledge inside out, the process of getting the certification was not a smooth sail. At first, we all thought that since we use Dynamics CRM every day, we should be able to pass with hardly any effort. Only after we learned about people who thought the same and failed miserably, did we start studying. And it took us a few weeks to prepare!

After being tested through and through (and everyone passing the first time around!), we all took one Friday afternoon off to enjoy the taste of success. And boy did we have things to talk about.

Nerdy? Maybe. Enthusiastic about Dynamics CRM? Absolutely. And now it’s official!

So what does this mean for our clients? Simply that no matter who answers your phone call, they’ll be able to help you with your query. And whatever customisation you request, we’re capable of implementing.

And what about the new clients? Whether you’re implementing Dynamics CRM for the first time or just switching CRM partners, you can fully rely on our experience with the product. We are all excited about the Dynamics CRM product and now we all can back up our passion with a certificate.

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