In order to really boost your business you need to be upselling and cross-selling to the customers who you know can best increase your margins. Discover how to achieve this in the following slideshare.

It’s six times easier to win business from an existing client than win a new one.

While CRM is a great toolbox for the complete sales cycle – cold prospect to red-hot lead – Customer Relationship Management needs to be looked at from another perspective: cross-selling and up-selling. In today’s market, concentrating on the customers who know you best can increase turnover and margins faster than any headline-grabbing push into new sales territories.

You should still be chasing fresh custom of course, but retaining the customers you already have is just as important.

A panoramic view across your existing customer data can uncover opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling that deliver greater value to your customers, as well as your bottom line. Communicating those insights to the sales and marketing teams is important if they are to make appropriate use of them. These practices and processes can be embedded into a self-sustaining cycle of continuous improvement.

You’ll know your CRM rollout has succeeded when your sales team start crediting it for their successes… and start encouraging everybody new to use it, without pressure from the Sales Director.

That’s the crux of Redspire’s mission: “To transform how companies interact with their prospects and customers, ensuring they deliver true business value. Through partnership with Redspire, our customers will lead their markets by being smarter, sharper, and better than the competition. And achieve return through growth, retention and customer satisfaction, every time.

Up-selling and cross-selling is an important sign of successful CRM. Discover more about how you can achieve this by downloading: The Ultimate Guide to: Using CRM for data driven marketing success