4 min readUpdate 1: Social Engagement


Customer Engagement

Customers are becoming more and more demanding in terms of price, quality and more recently the way in which they communicate with companies. Organisations need to be able to effectively deal with engagement across several different platforms. Microsoft Social engagement provides organisations with the necessary tools and knowledge to enable their sales, marketing and customer service teams to effectively engage across the relevant platforms and see how their brand stacks up against competitors directly within CRM.  A recent survey conducted by oursocialtimes.com found that 55% of companies ignore customer feedback on Facebook and twitter and 39% of companies pay no attention to social media at all. When you consider that 72% of all internet users are active on social media with Facebook having 1.4 billion users and twitter with 284 million sending 500 million tweets per day, it seems a bit odd that so few companies are taking steps to capitalise on this vast information resource. Social Engagement attempts to provide companies with the necessary tools to tap into this valuable resource, social engagement helps companies harness social media in an attempt to;

  • Drive Engagement
  • Enable users to listen everywhere
  • Analyse sentiment

User Interface

The new intuitive user interface allows for seamless navigation with easy to access information displayed in a clear and palatable way.  This enables the user to access the relevant social information.

Social Engagement

This release of social analytics supports assigning posts to specific users and also applying a status label, users are also able to respond directly from within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Social profiles: You can now add authenticated Twitter and Facebook accounts, which allow users to interact with their audience on social posts coming from Twitter or Facebook. Search topic set -up: Setting up search topics is easier and more flexible. You can define rules by the following criteria: keyword, Facebook page, and Twitter handle. Projected quota usage is displayed, as well as a preview of Twitter posts, to give you an idea of the type of results you can expect.

Social Listening

Social Listening allows users to monitor relevant channels to see how they stack up against their competitors, users can now create a dashboard feed that lists all references to their competitors. Social listening also enables users to identify key influencers so that they can increase engagement with the people who are active and engaged in their field. It makes it easier to forecast trends, stay ahead of the competition and harness the massive amount of relevant information available to them.

The latest Social enhancements include:

  • New social centre enabling service, sales, and marketing teams to collaborate and engage on social channels
  • Engage over authenticated Twitter and Facebook accounts with MSE (requires CRM Online Enterprise licence)
  • Create CRM actions including cases and opportunities directly from social posts including sentiment (requires CRM Online Enterprise licence)
  • Social analytics to measure topics that matter to you & analyse sentiment
  • New social filters for author, post type, assignee and labels.

Social sentiment

Another useful feature of the update is the ability to measure social sentiment through looking at how people are engaging with an organisation across various networks. This enables users to track fluctuations in their brand image with the easy to read social sentiment score in real time and act accordingly.


Enhanced analysis allows users to visualise data in new ways, such as; top hashtags, phrase clouds and top fans. The social centre allows users to interact with fans, customers and critics. This provides scope to engage proactively engage, as posts are displayed according to the nature of the post i.e. mentions and hashtags in easy to read columns in real time which enables organisations to provide an extremely responsive customer experience.  It is now possible to gain valuable insights about your customers/potential customer’s views about your brand, products and services, by harnessing the power of the social web. Users can analyse what customers are saying on social media, thus enabling them to respond to comments and monitor customer sentiment. 19 languages are supported and cover a broad range of sources—Twitter, Facebook, videos, blogs, and news syndication. Spot trends and receive alerts about how people are feeling about your products or brand so that you can shape your messaging and sales conversations more effectively. You can even identify the key influencers within your industry, and reach out to them.