Although it may seem that 140 characters is not the required length to be able to adequately sell something, it is becoming clear that those B2B companies that use Twitter consistently and build a following are making sales (or at least generating leads) through Twitter. The following two statistics reveal some important facts about twitter and B2B sales.

  1. 74% of B2B marketing companies use Social Media to distribute content (Content Marketing Institute)
  2. B2B marketers who use Twitter generate twice as many leads as those that do not (Inside View)


When these two are combined, it is a powerful argument that Social Media and in particular Twitter is a great way to create leads and therefore sales for your business.

There are three great (and very simple) features in Twitter that help B2B sales. Firstly, there is a Twitter option called the “following” page that allows users to view the Twitter streams of other accounts they follow. Basically, you can view Twitter through the eyes of your target B2B prospects. This is a powerful way to see what tweets your prospects have in their stream and then begin to link into those conversations.

Secondly, Twitter will allow you to be notified by e-mail if somebody re-tweets your tweet. Whilst this sounds very basic, it is powerful because it alerts you to content that you are tweeting that is interesting to people, and allows you to hone on in the things that matter to your prospects over time.

Thirdly, Twitter has acquired Tweetdeck, which is the foremost tool to control or view multiple accounts from your desktop. This means that in a few minutes, every day you can see what’s happening in your Twitter world but perhaps more importantly, you can schedule Tweets for the whole day or whole week.

So twitter is a great tool for B2B businesses. It does create leads and is worth the time to create a following and give them pointers to great content and also to join in with the discussions of the day.