If you are like most of marketers, you spread yourself thinly: you work on your campaigns, take care of leads, monitor your progress and plan into the future. Today we’ll talk about staying on top of your game with keeping in touch with your leads: in real time.

We don’t need to mention it’s important or desirable to engage with potential customers as soon as they look you up – after all, that’s when they’re thinking about you and are likely to be positively surprised that you contacted them.

If you’re already managing to allocate some time of your week to reacting to your customer’s behaviour, that’s great. Let’s see if you’re doing everything possible to keep them updated and how technology can help you achieve this objective:

Smart trigger marketing comes in many forms. Without a smart system that recognises various triggers (for example, your lead opens a new account, downloads a white paper or it’s their birthday), you better work fast. Alternatively, use a system that is highly scalable so you can specify and optimise plenty of triggers to make sure your messages are always highly personalised. Smart tip: look for systems that allow you to plan your campaign ahead, set the trigger criteria and pre-set the timescales between multiple individual messages. You’ll keep your customers posted!

But you don’t only need to send online content to stay in touch. To really up your game, you can use systems that offer real-time alerts, so you get an e-mail every time your customer performs an important action (registers for a webinar, visits your website, etc.). Some systems are very smart indeed: they tell you who the lead is and what they’re looking for (and their entire previous journey). So you can pick up your phone, know you’re calling them when they have you in mind, call them by their name and already know what to talk about to delight them!