The concept of using a CRM in marketing still seems alien to some organisations, unsure of what the real use is and how they can benefit from it. At Redspire, we’ve spent many an hour trying to convey these advantages in some form or another, but let’s try another tactic…

Think of your marketing team as stalkers… no not like that; think of them more as a scout party leading a hunt. Your marketers are ahead of the pack trying to find potential prey for Sales to consequently complete the hunt and feast on the takings. Now currently, your team is meandering through deep savannah grass in the search for creatures that blend in perfectly.

Undoubtedly, your team will find some leads out in the wild, they’ve been doing it long enough to overcome some of these issues but it’s still not as efficient or effective as it could be. Suppose they had access to a helicopter and the bird’s eye that accompanies it – they would be able to identify and capture leads far more quickly. CRM is that helicopter.

The hunt for customer information

How exactly is a CRM a helicopter, we hear you cry? Well just as the helicopter removes the barriers of long grass and slow movement, the CRM creates advanced visibility and significantly speeds up the time it would take to find wild leads. A CRM provides you with better visibility of your leads by making the sales funnel transparent. As marketers, you can then track where each lead is at in the funnel and, following that, adapt your campaigns to benefit from this information.

A lead still relatively near the top of the funnel won’t be interested in receiving the most in depth white paper solution to some niche problem in the industry. Conversely, those nearing the bottom of the funnel will be beyond any industry introduction blog posts, having already read about it previously or having knowledge of it anyway.

In the same way that a good scout would know which area yields the best results, a CRM can help pinpoint which leads and campaigns are most profitable. With this information in tow you can specialise future campaigns in the hope of replicating results. This is easy with a forward thinking CRM like Microsoft Dynamics, which tracks and store a huge variety of information concerning both leads and campaigns to used again at a later date.

Speeding up the process

Being able to track leads from the beginning to the end of the funnel has a knock on effect with your Sales team. Both departments have the same information in front of them meaning that both departments can have their say in where the bottom of the funnel lies, or more specifically when a lead is sales qualified. No longer should there be opportunities being sent over from your department that are wasted by Sales, in large part because Sales will have helped decide and outline what they actually want.

In short, marketing definitely does benefit from having access to a CRM so increase a CRM’s ROI and ensure that every aspect of your company is using it, not just Sales and Customer Support.