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Sales and Marketing professionals are continually seeking new ways to improve, drive engagement and focus on the opportunities that matter. How can Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement features and Microsoft’s constantly innovating use of AI help build engagement, optimise productivity and empower employees to deliver incredible customer experiences? With a combination of Microsoft’s continually improving tools you could see a 15% increase in sales productivity.

When you apply Artificial Intelligence to your rich customer data, making fully informed decisions is quick and easy. Dynamics 365 uses Artificial Intelligence to give detailed, actionable insight that allows you to gain sentiment analysis, score leads and dive deeper into your customer relationships. Feedback is visual and granular, taking both the legwork and guesswork out of the team’s day to day activity. These tools enable you to increase efficiency and productivity by unifying all of your disparate and valuable data to make intelligent suggestions on priority tasks and your prospects.

4 Customer Engagement for Dynamics 365 AI tools for the sales professional

Here are 4 key integrated AI driven cloud tools that combined, enable sales professionals to gain rich insight and take personalisation and efficiency to whole new levels.

1. Relationship Assistant

Relationship assistant is like having your own executive assistant meeting you every day – there to monitor your day, analyse your customer feedback, raise any problems or give you a nudge on an upsell opportunity.

Microsoft calls these pieces of advice ‘action cards’, which are generated using your own tracked data.

There are numerous ways action cards can be used, but some useful areas for sales teams that could help to ensure the working week starts off on a high are:

• Highlights priority tasks and deadlines: by highlighting your tasks and upcoming deadlines, you can be more productive, completing those tasks and ensuring no deadlines are missed.
• Monitors your interactions and raises any issues: relationship assistant tracks your keywords to ensure you respond accurately or flags when a potential issue arises with a stakeholder, lead or customer by analysing their keywords and tone.
• Sales or Marketing opportunities: the tool flags upsell opportunity, ensuring you can delve deeper into that prospect. Utilising insights and playbooks, you can see what the next steps should be to make the most of that opportunity for maximum profit and customer lifetime value.
• Email and meeting monitoring get nudges on emails you may have missed and gain insight into how, when and how quickly people have engaged with your emails. Relationship Assistant also monitors your meetings and calendar, providing the location/map or recommending if there should be documentation sent out in advance.

Another great thing about relationship assistant – it’s completely customisable. So you can tailor it to suit exactly what you’d like to track and what areas you’d like additional support with ensuring you maximise your working week.

2. Relationship Sales (LinkedIn Sales Navigator plus Dynamics)

Microsoft Relationship Sales fully integrates LinkedIn Sales Navigator with Dynamics 365 to unify the selling experience. Combine AI tools like relationship assistant with this data you pull in about your prospects and customers to see what true personalisation looks like. The conversations you can have with people become meaningful and impactful rather than traditional sales led calls.

These key benefits, utilised within your CRM, ensure you are equipped with the most up to date and relevant information about your prospect or customer. Relationship sales – sales navigator plus Dynamics 365 allows you to:

• Discover the right connections and understand their needs: Gain insight on who you should be connecting with. Seek out the right decision-makers and their influencers and understand their challenges and the content they are engaging with.
• Track behaviour: Keep track of prospect interactions, the information and assets you send and the types of materials that they are engaging with. For example, see who is viewing your PointDrive presentations in real-time, understand their triggers, what they spend the most time engaging with and what messages they are viewing. This really slicks up the sales process and services prospects with exactly what they need, when they need it.

3. Sales Playbooks

Dynamics 365 for Sales Playbooks are a great way to automate repeatable processes in response to a set of external events. With playbooks, automation can trigger a play that activates a set of tasks needed to remedy a situation.

Sales Manager or users with a playbook admin role can create playbook templates for common business scenarios that they or their teams regularly face. For example, if a key decision-maker leaves the business you are engaged with, you don’t lose all of that hard work and a warmed prospect. Set up a set of automated business processes within the playbook categories to create a set of business protocols for ‘Departing Decision Makers’ that creates best practice step-by-step process that can be widely replicated when the situation arises again. Assign activity to entities, log sales materials and estimate length of time needed for playbook success before sharing with teams who can launch the playbook when that particular challenge arises.

4. AI for Sales Insights

Dynamics 365 for Sales Insights empowers you to make better decisions and be more proactive in selling and building relationships. It can help you prioritise leads, and view relationship analytics visually. It delves deeper into your insights too – for example it doesn’t just tell you the score of your opportunity, but why it’s scored that way and what the suggestions are to nurture that opportunity.

Top features of Sales Insights:

• Open and build relationships: with AI, gain suggestions on conversation starters, talking points and next steps. It also allows you to see if someone else in your company is having conversations with those people so you can ensure you can be introduced/gain insight.
• Track performance: Graphically display your relationships, interactions, sales, pipeline and other key metrics to ensure you can predict next steps and spend more time on your strategy and nurturing the right leads.
• Predictive scoring: predictively score your leads and opportunities, allowing you to tailor and prioritise the activity required for this category for optimal conversion.

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