2 min readRyanair to find CRM agency


It would be fair to say that budget airline Ryanair, along with its combative chief executive Michael O'Leary, is not known for taking a customer-focused approach to its business.

This attitude has served the company well so far – by offering a no-frills service it is able to reduce the cost of flying, meaning many people who complain about the firm will still find themselves booking flights with them in order to save a little cash.

However, recent noises emanating from the Irish business suggest change is afoot, with the firm set to change its overall strategy to become more popular with consumers.

Chief marketing officer Kenny Jacobs recently spoke to the Drum after the firm launched its first ever advertising campaign, telling the publication it is planning to alter its somewhat dubious image.

"It's great that we haven’t had to advertise until now, it is great that we're coming to it late as you can do it in the right way and on your terms and not be like a lot of businesses that are stuck in advertising and afraid to drop their spend but they know they need to do digital at the same time," he explained.

The company is looking for creative, digital, media and CRM agencies to develop its marketing activity over the next year and beyond, highlighting the way that CRM can help businesses connect with customers – even ones as notoriously intransigent as Ryanair.

"I want to find the best. There's going to be a four agency line-up and they can be based anywhere in Europe. I want absolutely the best ones I can get for Ryanair," added Mr Jacobs.

Earlier this year, Michael O'Leary held a press event in London in which he expounded on plans to change the company's approach to its customers.

He compared Ryanair's new approach to that of brands such as Aldi, which are focused on cutting costs for consumers but not at the expense of quality.