2 min readRetailers ‘must consistently fine-tune approach to marketing’


Retailers have been encouraged to make sure their approach to marketing evolves over time.

According to entrepreneur and web developer Dario Zadro, many aspects of engaging with consumers are consistent and timeless.

However, he told Business 2 Community that the actual operating environment for retailers changes on a regular basis.

Therefore, Mr Zadro believes companies in the sector must alter accordingly in order to stay ahead of factors such as demographic shifts and wider retail trends.

"Retailers must consistently fine-tune their marketing approaches by understanding demographics and the variables that influence consumer decision-making," he commented.

Mr Zadro noted that consumer markets have evolved a great deal in the last five years, partly because new technological innovations have established themselves in the mainstream.

As a result, he believes retailers might benefit from comparing and contrasting today's operating environment with conditions in the recent past.

He stated that this would make recent developments and how the marketplace has altered far more apparent.

Retailers would therefore be able to alter their customer engagement strategies in line with these changes.

Businesses could support these efforts by using customer relationship management software to extract meaningful insights from the data they possess, such as information on their core demographics and people's various tastes, habits and preferred means of communicating with a company.

Mr Zadro added that today's communications environment has led to consumers being bombarded with lots of messages from organisations every single day.

This, he stated, means that messages regarding individual products can easily get drowned out. As a result, he has suggested companies focus on branding, as this can have more of a long-term impact on customers and help them convey their core values and principles.

For instance, Mr Zadro suggested that establishing a brand as a "trusted resource" could create relationships with people that encourage them to transact with that firm on multiple occasions.

"To be most effective reaching modern consumers, each aspect of an organisation’s branding strategy must link to the next, creating continuity and trust among consumers," he advised.

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