2 min readWhy Redspire Can Transform Your CRM Experience


In the 11 years Redspire has been in business, our philosophy hasn’t changed. We began the company wanting to strip away the complexity surrounding CRM and have continued to approach every new project with the same mentality. In order to achieve a more focused and far simpler approach, we minimise bureaucracy and focus on you, the customer, to build a lasting and successful relationship.

The importance of building relationships in business is an idea that seems to be waning. For some companies, revenue takes centre stage far ahead of customer care but, unbeknownst to them, both are intrinsically linked. As specialists in CRM, we know precisely how important customer relations are, which is why we are still retained by our first ever client.

How we approach CRM

Previously, you may have viewed your CRM as nothing more than a database but we’re keen to help you identify the multitude of benefits available from the technology. We’re committed to extending the knowledge base of CRM users, which is why we offer consultancy and training throughout your CRM’s lifecycle.

We’ve spoken extensively about the need to choose the right supplier when embarking on a CRM implementation, which is why we pride ourselves in our flexibility. Our client list includes everything from small starts up all the way to high street titans. As an organisation, we are confident in our ability to provide support – no matter the size of your organisation.

What’s more, our flexible implementation model goes well beyond the industry standard; although we subscribe to the Microsoft Sure Step Methodology, we have our own bespoke implementation process to complement this; TrueFIT. What makes TrueFIT different and more advanced than other implementation models is its ability to focus on your business objectives specifically. With TrueFIT, we identify what your business needs and then ensure that every step of the process benefits these core principles.

Our bespoke solutions continue beyond our implementation model with our fully customised versions of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We know that every company is different and that off the shelf solutions won’t necessarily benefit everyone.

In line with TrueFIT, we identify how your core aims could be best achieved, alter the CRM accordingly and add third party solutions to really benefit your needs. We currently offer 4 packages with various levels of customisation included in each.

Don’t hesitate to give Redspire a call and find out how we could help you and your needs.