4 min readPutting service back into Financial Services: Delivering incredible customer experiences with Microsoft Dynamics

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Financial services leaders are encouraged to adopt the right mix of culture, people and technology in order to improve customer service quality levels – or face being left behind.

Delivering powerful customer experiences in Financial Services was tricky for senior executives, even before the dawn of new digital challengers. Disengaged customers and an industry apathetic for innovation, alongside poor differentiation on brand or product offering had created a stale sector that failed to inspire meaningful interaction, instead delivering one-sided, one-size fits all services to business and consumer customers.

The presence of agile newcomers entering the market however, has (thankfully) shaken up a slumbering sector and drawn battle lines in the sand in the bid for market share. New entrants and incumbents’ approach digitalisation at speed, as they set out to win customer loyalty and gain or retain wallet share. Great news for consumers and for the sector at large, as innovation spans all areas of the Financial Services sector. From consumer banking, commercial banking and insurance, cloud solutions and blended intelligence are shaping a market that excites. Delivering what customers need and want, when they want it, how they want it.

Challenging the challengers

As new entrants like Monzo, Starling and Tide deliver slick digital first in-app experiences, top performing incumbents like MetroBank and CYBG are leading the way in embracing digital disruption in the traditional markets too; delivering services that engage and educate with seamless cross-device experiences. Whilst it may not be the easiest of tasks innovating and reimagining services offerings, at the same time as managing risk and updating outdated legacy systems, those adapting to the new playing field are future-proofing their businesses now, and providing the levels of services that demanding consumers have come to expect in other industries.

Meeting the challenge to deliver excellent customer experiences

The first step for financial firms keen to deliver exceptional customer experiences is understanding that 360 degree customer intelligence across the business is more than a cross-departmental single customer view. It’s a shift in the way data is viewed, stored and managed.

For those ready to tackle service head on, Microsoft Dynamics is the perfect solution to deliver excellent experience in the financial sector. Built on a common data platform, Dynamics aggregates different data types and sets from all across the business, creating invaluable insights that steer amazing customer experiences. Dynamics help your people predict and anticipate customer needs intuitively, suggests next step actions and personalises service and experience. No matter whether it’s machine or human delivering it.

Blending the human factor, machine learning and artificial intelligence with the valuable data in your systems creates a unified service desk that delivers incredible customer service and memorable experiences that customers rave about. Causing loyalty, customer engagement and satisfaction to soar.

Blended intelligence fed by Microsoft Dynamics 365 combines the best of human and machine smarts, enabling businesses to deliver rich experiences at the right touch point for each consumer, at the right time, with customer-centricity the core focus.

Achieving customer excellence in Financial Services with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics is more than a CRM, it’s a connected suite of enterprise business applications that delivers your whole business, in a one unified system. Spanning all department functions; from service, sales and marketing, talent, field service and operations, Dynamics is an end-to-end, fully integrated system that delivers incredible insights, next step actions and automated service funtionality.

Furthermore, Dynamics is the perfect foundational platform to drive digital transformation throughout an entire business, with a phased approach that negates the need for service interruption.

Choosing the right Dynamics partner

Choosing the right Microsoft Dynamics partner for your customer experience project is an essential part of success. It’s vital that you select a partner experienced within your sector, who understand the nuances and challenges of your business and who has references and success models within your industry. From pre-sales scoping and needs analysis to, project and process mapping and build…all the way through to implementation and beyond, a strong partner is the primary key to success.

Redspire have particularly strong capabilities in Financial Services and have worked on the biggest challenges facing the industry today. From Small Business Banking improvements at CYBG, client engagement at Money Advice Service and Saffron Insurance and operations and field service at Golden Charter, we are the experts in Dynamics within the Financial Services space. Our team are driven by delivering platforms that create great customer experience.

Are you ready to put the service back in financial services?

Watch a short video on how MetroBank used Microsoft Dynamics to create an army of loyal fans out of their customers, or get in touch today for a no-obligation chat about your own customer experience improvement project.