2 min readWhat should the priorities be for data-driven content?


Many businesses use content marketing as a means of engaging with their customers, using the information they have gathered to create targeted and relevant material, such as articles, blogs, infographics and videos.

However, digital marketing specialist Stephanie Miller has insisted that if a company wants to use its content to create "amazing customer experiences" and build brand loyalty, it must make sure it ticks four boxes, reports ClickZ.

Firstly, she believes people must understand what data marketers are using to create their content and how using it can provide them with greater value.

Secondly, Ms Miller suggested that brands avoid using content just for the sake of it, as it must be the right content and distributed on an appropriate platform at the right time.

She then advised firms to remember that customers are people and "not just CRM records". Ms Miller said bearing this in mind can reap lots of benefits, as it enables customers to enjoy positive and relevant experiences.

This, she stated, in turn encourages people "to share and meet each other, which has an additive effect on total value".

Finally, Ms Miller said that unless companies have gathered customer insights from data, they must "rely on generic responses which never feel engaging".

"Personalised communications work smarter towards brand loyalty," she commented.

Ms Miller went on to note that research has demonstrated how content is more sought after by customers than special offers.

For example, she said many people want retailers to provide information on how they can achieve their lifestyle goals.

"This suggests that marketing engagement will be more than just what is on sale and must include relevant content like a recipe or white paper or fun fact or tip of the day," Ms Miller remarked.

She added that social sharing trends back up this observation, as when a discount code is shared online, people typically talk about their brand engagement and how they personally have used the product that is being promoted.

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