Video has exploded as a medium for communication on the internet over the last few years due to the huge increases in speed and bandwidth of home and office connections and also the massive uptake of smartphones. Streaming HD quality video is now normal even on smartphones.

YouTube is now the 2nd biggest search engine behind Google and is, of course, owned by Google. As well as this, there is a huge distribution network of other video sites that can be used.

Video has undoubtedly arrived as a way to connect with prospects and draw businesses into your sales funnel. A strategy that has been shown to be consistently effective to connect with people and show your business to be both trustworthy and authoritative, is the…

7 x 7 x 2 Video sales Formula

Simply, you make 16 short videos (1 – 2 minutes long) that are loaded onto your YouTube Channel. In the first seven videos you take your most frequently asked questions and answer them. ‘What do businesses ask you during the sales process that when answered leads to a sale?’

In the second set of seven videos you answer the questions that businesses should be asking you but are not – this sets your business up as trustworthy and authoritative. The last two are important. The first goes on the landing page you are sending people to, thanking them for clicking on your link and asking them to sign up for the rest of the video series or a whitepaper or some other free item that has perceived value – as people sign up, they enter your sales funnel.

Once they have signed up and they go to the Thank you page behind the landing page, you have a soft-sell video for your product(s) and either contact details or a sales page – whichever is most appropriate.

This is a simple strategy and can, of course be repeated for each of your products or services. The other advantage of this is that YouTube videos, if set up correctly, can get onto the front page of Google within a few weeks as opposed to potentially months with a web page (if the SEO is correctly set up). This increases your exposure on Google and increases your click-through rate.