You have made it this far and grown your business to this point, so you may well be questioning whether you really need a CRM or not. Not to forget the opposite side of the spectrum; those who did adopt a CRM and found it to be a burden rather than a benefit. As time passes and the technology significantly improves, however, the list of reasons to implement a company-wide CRM is growing by the day – but the question you need to ask yourself is which CRM is right for you?

The correct CRM should go further than simply easing and aiding internal processes; it should be a catalyst for sales growth. For example, if a sales rep can see savings of several hours a week, the time they would have previously spent sourcing client information and researching is replaced by having tools such as InsideView at their disposal. Now the time saved means they can dedicate even more time to what they do best; selling.

How to use CRM

Forward thinking CRM systems and strategies can help you track your finances far more efficiently. Once again, in an indirect way, tracking your ROI will help grow your business beyond its current levels. How? If you can accurately track which campaigns are having the most impact on leads, you can ensure that you recreate them. Rather than only having every other campaign as noticeably beneficial to your company, pick the bits that work best from the successful campaigns and run with them.

What’s more, a CRM allows you to track which customers are the most profitable to your organisation. Unlike a simple database or excel file, a CRM such as Microsoft Dynamics can alter how you view your figures. The ability to re-align data can help you find sales patterns more easily – then stick with what’s working and make improvements where necessary. For example, whilst one customer might actively purchase the most from you, the time you spend dedicated to them means that they’re not necessarily the most profitable customers. Successful use of a CRM will help you find out how to alter the balance so as to increase sales with different customers.

Grow with your CRM

An impressive advantage associated with CRM is, not only does the software help your company grow but the CRM follows you there. The more advanced CRMs are completely flexible and adaptable and will aid you throughout the various stages of your business. They can be constructed and reconstructed in various ways to help your business if it decides to take a change in direction. Microsoft Dynamics CRM has a huge app store with a range of add-ons which helps the CRM be as sales-powerful as it is all rounded. The store is segmented in a way that shows which tools are best suited to which department of your company and also range from paid expansion to completely free additions.

Having read a little more about the usefulness of using a CRM and how it can help your business, your question may have changed from ‘Do I need CRM?’ to ‘Which CRM do I need?’ In which case, get in touch and we’ll be happy to support you.