There are many CRM providers that claim using their CRM solution will motivate employees to do a better job. They include examples such as making their work easier by having all files in one place; making the responsibilities more transparent because all employees have access to one central database; speeding up the processes because of clearer organisation and access to relevant data etc.

However, before your company can benefit from all these factors, you first have to take the first step – which is motivating your employees to actually want to use the system. Here are our top 9+1 tips.

  1. Include your key employees in choosing the CRM system. Listen to the future end users and act upon the fact that they system needs to meet their requirements.
  2. Show them your confidence in the product. If your employees see you have a sound plan and a concrete vision, they will find it easier to put their trust into the project.
  3. Use a ROI calculator and show them in numbers the potential of the system.
  4. Make sure everybody understands that the system you’ll implement will help them sell more, sooner and with better margins.
  5. Similarly, make sure your employees understand the importance of a customer-centric approach. Underappreciating this factor defeats the whole purpose of a CRM!
  6. Especially for your sales team, choose a mobile CRM solution that can be accessed on the move, enabling them to access information whenever needed.
  7. Ask your vendor for user training and support material for every employee that will use the system.
  8. Strengthen the team spirit among the various CRM teams and give them autonomy in crucial future decisions about the system.
  9. Introduce a CRM usage-based reward structure so employees try more, learn and eventually get used to the system.
  10. Consider going to a networking seminar held by the vendor so your employees can see how others have used the system and benefited from it.