The marketing industry has faced a digital revolution over the last decade, as online becomes an essential component of their business as clients demand an increased focus on new channels such as social and mobile.

While this has opened up many new opportunities for the sector, it has also put pressure on workers to develop their skillsets and keep track with the pace of change within the industry.

According to a new report from training firm The Knowledge Engineers, businesses need to do more to ensure their staff are ready to cope with the challenges involved in digital marketing and communications.

For instance, only 29 per cent of respondents described themselves as happy with their data and CRM skills, suggesting firms may not be getting everything they can out of investment in this kind of software.

On the bright side, this figure was considerably higher than the global average of 20 per cent, an indication of how important CRM is becoming to British companies.

Nevertheless, as digital becomes an entrenched part of the landscape, it is crucial that workers are given the experience and training they need to take advantage of this shift.

Niall McKinney, founder and chief executive officer of The Knowledge Engineers, pointed out that digital is beginning to overtake print as the biggest advertising medium, meaning companies will be left behind if they do not upskill.

“It is essential for organisations to understand whether they have the right skills to maximise their digital opportunity. The UK leads the world in some areas of digital marketing like search, but needs to catch up quickly in others like mobile,” he added.

Only 35 per cent of UK respondents felt completely confident delivering digital marketing activity, with content strategy deemed to be the most important area in which to develop their skills over the coming years.