1 min readMobile operators ‘must improve customer loyalty’


A new report has highlighted one of the main issues faced by mobile operators in the UK, with the study from global consultancy firm Frost & Sullivan and Stratecast summarising this as the challenge of the vanishing customer.

Obviously, mobile service providers are more reliant on the loyalty of their users than many other companies.

However, according to Frost & Sullivan, customers are increasingly likely to jump ship to another company or, if they do choose to stay, begin using fewer units and therefore cut into the profit margins of mobile operators.

As firms attempt to change their operating models in order to get in line with the shifting ways in which Britons use their mobiles in 2014, it is crucial to have insight in place to understand how customer attitudes are likely to develop over the coming years.

Taking advantage of big data analysis is one way of doing this, the study suggested.

Jeff Cotrupe, industry director for big data and analytics with Stratecast, said many operators are sitting on a “gold mine” of information they are not yet taking advantage of fully.

“Processing and analysing this [data] results in customer profiles and personalised services. This enables operators to create customer loyalty programmes that maximise revenue retention and drive new revenues,” he declared.

Unfortunately, he claimed, while companies in the mobile services sector are increasingly becoming aware of their customer data they are still failing to utilise it properly. This can be because they don’t know how to incorporate it into their IT network or because they cannot link it up with social patterns, explained Mr Cotrupe.

“Data solutions that are not integrated, or poorly integrated, with the existing IT infrastructure, are a limiting factor on the anticipated growth of the big data market,” he concluded.