If there has been a trend that was very evident in 2013, it’s been the fact that almost everything has gone mobile. Mobile business was a great challenge for professionals in 2012, so it’s nice to look back on 2013 and see how the technology has advanced to enable businessmen to boost their work experience.

Since today’s topic is mobile CRM, we’ll focus on how mobile CRM can leverage your business while making life easier for you. Some CRM providers have already integrated the mobile technology into their CRM systems. One of these is Microsoft Dynamics CRM, who have launched their 2013 version only a few weeks ago.


Benefits of mobile Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013

The early adopters of mobile Microsoft Dynamics CRM are already enjoying the innovations it brings. So, how can this mobile CRM speed up your work and improve your working experience?

  1. Mobile Microsoft Dynamics CRM detaches you from your desktop computer and allows you to access your customer database anywhere – online or offline.
  2. You can access your mobile Microsoft Dynamics CRM from a Windows 8 tablet, an iPad or as a smartphone application on your Windows 8 phone, an Android or your iPhone.
  3. Your data is always safe: it’s automatically cached so you can access it later offline and maintain your peace of mind if you suddenly get disconnected.
  4. You can enter any new data in your system as soon as they emerge – while they’re still fresh in your mind without having to wait untill you get to your office.
  5. On your tablet, everything important stays the same as in your web client with a slightly different, very touch-friendly layout.
  6. If you configure your CRM web interface, the changes will also appear on your tablet – no need to hire a mobile developer!
  7. You can work on your selected leads by pinning them straight to your dashboard to access all their data or call them within one or two clicks.
  8. Your phone application is slightly less complex than the tablet one, but you can still manage almost all your data and arrange your custom entities as you wish.
  9. You can stay in touch with your team members as well as your clients with a seamlessly integrated Skype calling function.
  10. And finally, you’ll be able to keep track of all your leads no matter where you are – commuting, hiking, at home, and even abroad – to see where you are in the sales process and what other challenges are ahead of you.


Want to see an on-screen demonstration of the mobile Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 on an iPad? 

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