Millennial Data

In an interesting article, E-consultancy recently highlighted the famous 2011 Wall Street Journal article “Why software is eating the world’.

Six years on from that article, we have seen how digital technology has driven a huge shift in our daily lives with a proliferation of data, online customer service, customised experiences, bigger expectations, machine learning, artificial intelligence and increased automation to name just a few.

Every one of these elements depends on data or as e-consultancy nicely puts it “torrents of data”.

Once upon a time, consumers were reluctant to share their details with brands for fear of bombardment and junk messages. Direct marketing was a dirty task, advertising on TV was not to be trusted and only ads that made you laugh or cry resonated.

Yet here we are in a digital world where consumers can now see the value in you knowing a bit more about them. Cookies are no longer a thing you eat, but a way for companies to help you get more out of your online journey. Most of us prefer messages that are relevant and timely and to have those, we accept that brands need to know more about us.

FACT about sharing information.

As consumers, we are driving digital transformation and we are accommodating the businesses who are shaping their offerings to meet that demand. And with one in three brits now opting in to brand communication (thank goodness with GDPR insisting on it), they are clearly expecting great things.

Digital transformation is well underway. So how is the journey going for you?

With GDPR looming ever closer, this is not just a polite reminder that you might like to think about your data infrastructure and marketing activity, it’s a plea to stop right now and consider how you’re managing and using all that data.


Five Steps for Better Data Analysis and Use


  1. Data Management

Data is only as useful as its storage and use.  Bearing in mind that GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) are on the horizon and come with large penalties, the right data infrastructures and processes are critical.  Your data environment needs to be GDPR compliant and allow you to capture individual interactions as they happen against one record.


  1. Connection

A Single Customer View will allow you to join the dots between online and offline customer journeys. Your customers will have a better experience and you will be able to use the data to spot opportunities and patterns within a client group. You’ll also see what is and isn’t working. As a result, ROI can’t help but improve.


  1. Deeper Knowledge

Customers expect you to know them. To know what they booked or did last, what they might want to do next and on what terms. You can’t do any of that without better use of data.


  1. More Creativity

When you know who you’re marketing to and what makes them tick, you can be more creative in your messaging, reflecting them in your materials and interacting with them more meaningfully on social platforms too. With the right system, you can then watch those interactions and manage them.


  1. Understanding your ROI

When you are operating a CRM system that has been carefully tuned to your business’ needs, people and processes, you will be in a better position to plot your customers’ journeys and attribute online and offline channel success.


Want to know more?

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Attendees: Sales, Marketing, IT and Data Officers who use (or are considering) CRM for data management, inbound marketing efforts and email marketing.


During the webinar, we will discuss:

  • What is Digital Transformation?
  • GDPR, a catalyst for positive change?
  • Creating a better customer experience and journey.
  • How Microsoft’s platforms and tools come together for unrivalled process, productivity and insight.
  • What areas of productivity and process your business could be considering now to ensure success and growth in the future.


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