Microsoft has released plans for a new set of Microsoft Dynamics CRM capabilities that it hopes will help organisations engage with a new set of customers and then keep track of and nurture these relationships.

The launch is expected to take place in the second quarter of 2014 and could offer a boon for British businesses attempting to automate their marketing processes.

Arguably the most exciting shift in the new release will be the move towards a better-implemented social system, which could prove to be a game-changer when it comes to linking up with customers online.

To encourage sales, marketing and customer care to gain insights into the buyers they interact with, the global tech giant has created Microsoft Social Listening, a new service that allows firms to glean information from conversations on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

It will let marketers track the success of their campaigns and products on a global scale, allowing them to learn more about their potential customer base and tweak or improve their approach further down the line.

Furthermore, the service will make it easier for everyone in a business to examine social metrics rather than limiting this information to a small number of experts, allowing more broad-based marketing plans to emerge.

Bob Stutz, corporate vice president with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, said: "Businesses want solutions that give them market insights and the ability to deliver amazing customer experiences."

"The new Microsoft Dynamics CRM update democratises social listening, adds new marketing capabilities for more impact and enables businesses to deliver outstanding customer service. With this new release, we are essentially changing the CRM game."

In addition to the social developments detailed above, Microsoft are planning to improve case management facilities to make it easier for businesses to maintain a strong relationship with customers of all kinds.

This development will lead to a smoother and more personal approach, the firm claimed.