Dynamics 365

Ahead of Microsoft’s annual Convergence conference, taking place in Atlanta, the company has reiterated its plans to develop its Dynamic CRM software and highlighted the advantages it can offer to organisations around the globe.

Kirill Tatarinov, executive vice-president of Microsoft Business Solutions, highlighted the success firms such as Delta Air Lines, New Belgium Brewery, Lotus F1 and others had in using CRM to connect with their customers.

“Microsoft Dynamics is on the cusp of delivering a staggering wave of innovation to the market this spring that will significantly help businesses deliver amazing experiences,” declared Mr Tatarinov.

The changes put forward by the tech giant include a new set of mobile applications intended to make it easier for companies to link up with their customers via smartphones and tablets, in what is expected to be a major trend over the coming years.

Furthermore, a new cloud deployment network is expected to make it easier to utilise outsourced data solutions, making CRM an even more powerful tool in the corporate marketing arsenal.

“Businesses need the best solutions to keep up with the transformative changes taking place around the world,” added Mr Tatarinov, pointing out that the world is becoming more connected than ever before.

Consumers have higher expectations – 70 per cent of the buying experience is based on how the customer feels they are being treated, while 70 per cent of people form their opinion on a service or product based on their first experience with its sales process.

“Greater connections, more access to information and more interactions with peer groups have resulted in people being more empowered and more enlightened,” declared the Microsoft vice-president.

Fundamentally, this means firms need to concentrate on utilising technology and data to engage with their customers as effectively as possible, whether in the b2b or b2c arena.

CRM technology is one step in this direction; however, Mr Tatarinov also suggested that firms need to change their culture and approach if they are to make the most of the possibilities offered by the software.