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Parature Cloud Based Solution

The way customers interact with businesses has changed. Customers are constantly connected via mobile devices, plugged into their social network, and doing their own research. This means that traditional ways of doing business are becoming obsolete, as consumers strive to take advantage of all of the technologies at their disposal. Microsoft acquired Parature in 2014, which is a cloud based solution that is geared towards creating an amazing customer experience through empowering multi-platform interaction, customer self-service and knowledge management. Parature is Microsoft’s first outward facing acquisition for Dynamics, which empowers organisations to;

  • Communicate with customers across multiple channels, facilitates constant engagement. It also enables the organisation to communicate in the customer’s favoured medium.
  • Provide customer self-service facility enables intelligent and guided self-service round the clock.
  • Knowledge management is designed to boost productivity by providing employees with the knowledge they need when they need it.

These capabilities complement the existing Microsoft Dynamics CRM software with core strengths in workflow, extensibility and process-driven user experiences that allow contact centre agents to do their best work. CRM Magazine has spoken highly of the acquisition and integration by stating with reference to their web support leader board… “On our leader board for the first time in this category, Microsoft impressed analysts with its integration of Parature technology after acquiring the company in January 2014. Just a year after the acquisition, Microsoft has rolled out an updated Parature Customer Care Solution and has not only improved existing capabilities, but included new features as well.” This article aims to illustrate the benefits that this innovative cloud based solution can bring to your business, by enabling users to maximise productivity.


Parature Enterprise as an Office 365 service.

CRM Online with Spring Release Update.

Benefits of Parature Integration

Knowledge Base

Parature enables user’s access to a knowledge base that can be added to according to the ever evolving information requirements of the organisation. Updates to the knowledge base search capabilities have made search functions more efficient, allowing users to filter by; content type, recency and customer rating. Customers are now able to rate content that was sent to them based on how helpful it was, which has an influence on search results. This functionality enables CSAs to reduce call handling time. While working with a case users are able to;

  • View system suggested KB articles
  • Search for the most relevant KB articles using the enhanced search capabilities.
  • Send Knowledge Base articles to customers which can include embedded pictures and videos.

These features empower users to build, manipulate and employ a “web of knowledge”, when information is used and collated in this dynamic way, it provides users with all the knowledge to quickly and effectively exceed the needs of their customers’ expectations.

Self Service Portal

Available through self-service portals on the Web and Facebook, support ticketing, virtually any mobile device, social customer support, and chat for both traditional customer service scenarios and proactive sales engagement, Parature can revolutionize your customer service experience. Brent Leary, partner at CRM Essentials, says. “Overall, I think they’ve got a good job of integrating Parature, especially because it’s been only a little over a year since the acquisition. It has already filled in some key gaps for Microsoft, especially in the area of adding social channels. Parature makes it easy, which is important as social becomes more prevalent.”


The enhanced chat functionality enable agents to provide support to customers who speak different languages in real time. This feature can be used either proactively or reactively, many customers agree that live chat is one of the best customer service channels, due to the fact that it is an extremely responsive and personalised medium in which to communicate. There are many chat widgets available for users to improve the experience of their customer based on their specific service requirements available within the parature console, including;


  • Screen Sharing
  • File sharing


  • RMA system


Social influencers in any industry are becoming more and more important for organisations wishing to make themselves heard in the increasingly noisy digital market place. Parature enables users to prioritise, harvest and respond to the activity of the influencers within their industry. Another enhancement made to Parature’s social offering, is that users can now provide customer service from across a variety of social channels including LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.