3 min readMicrosoft Dynamics CRM Fall Update: Sales Productivity


It’s hardly earth shattering news that the way in which customers interact with businesses has fundamentally changed. The modern customer is constantly connected via mobile devices, email and social media conducting product/company research and connecting with peers and other product users. They actively seek to adopt the latest technologies, which means that traditional ways of doing business are now a thing of the past. The customers are more demanding than ever before, in that they expect to be able to engage with the companies that they do business with, in a variety of new ways. This presents some obstacles for sales people, as it means that they need to constantly adapt to the changing technological environment. Effective sales people need to evolve into consultants who know what they are selling inside out, so it is even more important to maximize productivity and increase free time to engage customers with relevance. Microsoft’s recent update to the sales branch of the Dynamics CRM solution does exactly this, by giving users access to the most relevant and up to date information when they need it. This empowers sales people to engage their customers in meaningful ways in order to strengthen their relationships. The sales update set out to enhance two overarching components, these are;

  • Identifying opportunities and
  • Enabling sales people to be more productive.

Outlook App

The mobile nature of the modern sale person, makes it extremely important for them to have access to the information that they need wherever they are, and whatever they are doing. With the CRM app for Outlook, sales people on the go can track emails, add contacts from within an email or create new records. Users are now able to track emails while they are being composed. In addition to IE and Chrome, CRM 2016 now supports Firefox, Safari and Outlook for Mac.

Excel Integration

In the last release, users were enabled to use the familiar application from directly within CRM. The Fall Update to Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows organisations to create Excel templates to further automate core tasks. With this new update employees will be empowered to build and share their own templates with the rest of the organisation. Users can now export directly though the Excel app to CRM from tablet and phone whilst on the move.

Document Generation

It is not only excel templates that have been made possible by the recent update, Word templates can also be created so that users no longer need to manually extract the necessary data from CRM to create invoices, quotes etc. With the Fall Update is it now possible to build word documents that can be triggered from any form by simply clicking, or fully automating the process using workflows.

Information Discovery

Finding the right and most up to date information is an important aspect of any sales person’s day. Delve integration allows users to access the top trending content that is most relevant to what the user is working on. If a user is working on an opportunity and has to create a presentation or a proposal this feature could greatly benefit them.

OneDrive for Business and Documents

OneDrive offers users expanded storage options. The update has made it possible for users to store documents on OneDrive as well as SharePoint. Users can get a consolidated view of all of these documents in one place for any CRM record.

Server Side Sync and Outlook Client

Server-side synchronisation is the go to option for organisations with users who need to run Dynamics CRM in a web browser or on a mobile device. It enables direct Microsoft Dynamics CRM-to-email server synchronisation. When you use Exchange, this includes bi-directional synchronisation of email, contacts, tasks and appointments. CRM 2016 supports synchronisation with CRM online and exchange on premise. Microsoft have also added enhanced support for office 2016 and Windows 10.

For more information about the fall update download: The Ultimate Guide to: Features and Benefits of the Fall Update.