4 min readMicrosoft Dynamics CRM Fall Update: Personal and Contextualised Customer Service


Customer Service Overview

The growth and rapid dissemination of the internet and digital technology has fundamentally changed the way that consumers process information, and as a result of this, altered the way that customers interact with businesses. Interestingly, this change in cognition has been the catalyst for an almost universally negative dip in brand loyalty levels across all industries. According to a survey by Harris/Clicksoftware companies in the UK are now haemorrhaging nearly £15 billion a year due providing customer service that does not cut it anymore. Some companies have begun the mammoth task of mopping up this reservoir of lost cash, however, there is still a long way to go. There has never been a better time for companies wishing to take a slice of the £15 billion pound pie, to invest in an infrastructure that can address the specific issues that are causing this massive amount of money to slip through the net.

Competitive Advantage

Companies must constantly look for new ways to set themselves apart from the competition. The price and quality of products and services still play an important part in a customer’s overall opinion of an organisation. However, this is not enough to create significant differentiation and competitive advantage. Some may argue that the increasingly globalised nature of the modern marketplace is making it easy for companies compete on quality and price, when other metrics that are not currently given the same attention are just as important. This has created a need for companies to find unique and innovate ways to capture the hearts and minds of their customers in order to create the illusive sustainable competitive advantage. Customer service is now the epicentre of a company’s ability to truly differentiate themselves from their competition. Microsoft have embraced this fact with The recent Fall Update to Dynamics CRM, which empowers organisations to provide personalised and contextual interactions with customers that are truly valued, by constructing interactions with the customers preferences at heart.

Interactive Service Hub

One of the most exciting updates introduced by the fall wave is the Interactive Service Hub. This is an all new role based experience for customer service advisors, which provides a real-time view of their workload. The aim is to improve the intuitiveness and simplicity for the user, to enable them to focus on the job at hand as opposed to spending valuable time navigating poorly designed solutions.
The new dashboards are extremely feature rich in terms of the data shown and the way users interact with it. They pull data from multiple entities to enable users to access the relevant data in one place. They come in multi and single streams, and can be tailored to the specific data requirements of specific users.

Voice of the Customer

Another exciting improvement is the Voice of the Customer. This is a new survey designer that enables users to create personalised surveys and send them out to specific groups of customers, to collect feedback about products and services. The surveys are mobile and tablet friendly and responses are stored with the corresponding records in CRM. Users can choose the delivery method that best suits their information requirements.

Unified Service Desk

The Unified Service Desk aims to provide a single interface for accessing all tasks and applications required to deal with customer interactions. Users are now able to access all relevant CRM pages in one easy to access environment and handle multiple customer sessions whilst preserving contextual information. Customer information can be grouped in a logical way which enables users to switch seamlessly from one customer interaction to another.


Customer expectations are much higher than they once were with regard to customer service. A one size fits all approach simply does not cut the mustard anymore. Customers demand to communicate and interact in ways that suit them, companies that do not take heed of this will inevitably be left in the dust of those that do. Microsoft endeavour to stay at the vanguard of consumer expectations and listen to the Dynamics community now and into the future to help businesses all over the world to move towards a truly customer-centric approach to business.

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