Production deployments of the newest Dynamics 365 features announced in the Microsoft 2021 Wave Release 2 officially began on 1st October 2021 and with the updates being added continuously through to March 2022, there’s a lot to be excited about over the months ahead.

In this article, in this article we explore the announcements we believe are key for Financial Services and why these new features which will help your organisation achieve your key business outcomes for FY22.

Microsoft Relationship Sales Solution (MRSs) // LinkedIn Integration Updates

Microsoft have announced further enhancements to the LinkedIn Integration capability of Dynamics 365. Using the Microsoft Relationship Sales Solution (MRSs) – a combination of Dynamics 365 Sales Enterprise and LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise – users are currently able to profile individual leads and target accounts from directly within their Dynamics 365 for Sales interface, saving time and providing key information when engaging prospects.

Through the 2021 Wave Release 2 updates, users will now be able take this a step further in Dynamics 365 for Sales by:

  • Sending Connection Requests
  • Sending InMail’s
  • Facilitating TeamsLink Introductions
View insights, interactions and get introduced to key prospects, all from within Dynamics 365 for Sales

These improvements will enable agents to action the insights and data currently available via the LinkedIn Integration capability, allowing them to actively engage prospects on LinkedIn from within Dynamics 365.

Benefit: This represents a further time saver, which will ultimately empower agents to build strong client relationships from within one single platform.

Dynamics 365 Sales Updates

The updates announced to Dynamics 365 for Sales bring further enhancements to those announced in the April 2021 Wave Release 1, with full access to the Deal Manager Workspace (pictured below) now confirmed for general availability in January 2022.

Benefit: This will provide Sales teams with a more streamlined view of their pipeline, with visual aids such as Bubble Charts available to help teams quickly identify where their time is best spent based on deal size and probability; boosting productivity and win rates.

The new Deal Manager Workspace with the Opportunities view displayed in a Bubble Chart

Additionally, the Lead Routing functionality has been enhanced with users now able to auto-assign inbound leads on either a ’round-robin’ ( leads are distributed evenly on a loop around the team) or ‘load bearing’ (leads are distributed based on available capacity) basis, saving time and removing yet another mundane task from management.

The AI capabilities of Dynamics 365 have also been updated, with the new ‘Who knows who’ feature able to leverage each users’ Outlook email data to suggest who to connect with from within the target accounts that they’re currently engaged with. This, along with the enhancements made to Lead Routing and the launch of the Deal Manager Workspace, will enable FSi agents and brokers to spend less time on admin and more time engaged in revenue-generating activities.

Dynamics 365 Marketing Updates

Marketers will now be able to perform more of their daily tasks from inside Microsoft Teams and leverage data captured within Teams more effectively due to improved connectivity between Teams and Dynamics 365 for Marketing. Users will now be able to:

  • create and manage webinar participant registrations from within Teams, and;
  • trigger follow-up customer journeys in Dynamics 365 Marketing based on the behaviour data captured in Teams.
Customer Journey: Microsoft Teams Webinar Attendance to Dynamics 365 Marketing Contact.

Marketers will therefore be able to spend more time crafting and delivering the right messages to their target audience, and less time collecting and organising audience data.

Dynamics 365 // Microsoft Teams Integration Updates

Through further integrations between Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 Sales, users will now be able to access Dynamics 365 Sales records from within an associated Teams meeting and have meeting notes that have been captured in Teams automatically added to the associated Dynamics 365 Sales record.

Dynamics 365 for Sales capability integrated into Microsoft Teams.

This will enable sales teams to spend less time updating CRM records and collating data from multiple locations and focus their time on building strong client relationships through effective utilisation of their data from one central location.


The updates introduced to the Dynamics 365 for Sales and Marketing modules, the enhanced LinkedIn Integrations and the further connectivity between Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Teams will provide FSi organisations with greater efficiencies and actionable insights from their data; providing agents with more time to spend on revenue-generating activities and building strong client and prospect relationships.

Revisit what our team were excited about in the Wave 1 release with many of the features now live.

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