2 min readMaking Business Dynamic


The ebb and flow of the business world means your business needs to keep evolving, it needs to be dynamic. How do you account for this? How do you ensure that a piece of software or technology remains useful even if there is a shift in your business?

Research is obviously crucial, but research can only go so far, it can only account for so many things. To survive in this evolving world you need to be bold and embrace change, plan accordingly. It’s unrealistic for you not to have a long term business plan, but qualify it, lay it out in stages with failsafes. That is to say think long term but act short term.

First steps

Choosing an adaptable CRM will go some to alleviating some of the issues your business can face. Microsoft is fully aware of the ever changing world of business, which is why their Dynamics package offers regular updates to ensure that both they, and you, adapt to new trends post haste. This sort of leadership allows businesses to feel secure in their partnership with Microsoft.

The past few months have seen a noticeable shift towards self support and self diagnosis of issues online. People are keen to have access to everything through the internet and are beginning to snub traditional call centre customer support in favour of solving problems themselves. With this trend on the increase, Microsoft recently acquired Parature in a move to modernise the customer support functions of Dynamics. This proactive attitude and bold decision making is what businesses should be aspiring to.

Social media’s importance is quite readily accepted these days, after all it is hard to ignore the fact that around 20% of all visits to websites are via Facebook, but issues still remain surrounding integration. Although the quote above highlights Facebook’s importance in this world, social media platforms are at their most useful when used in conjunction. Trawling through the various different sites is inefficient and wasteful, 30% of marketers say having disparate data sources is a main reason why they can’t glean useful insights from customer data. This makes Dynamics all the more impressive by the fact that it does, in fact, integrate all the major social media platforms.

What’s next?

While the business world is constantly in flux, some priorities never change; keeping costs low. Using Microsoft Dynamics has been shown to result in a lower cost than alternative CRMs. Savings can be more necessary at some times more than others, but the board will always appreciate them – especially when they don’t negatively affect the business.