2 min readMake Your Life Easier – by Making Sales’ Job Easier


Although you’ll never completely remove the to-ing and fro-ing between Marketing and Sales, you could go some way towards calming it down by, dare we say it… making Sales’ job easier.

Why would you want to? Arguably, doing just this is, in essence, the marketing team’s job description. Ok, so that description misses out some of the nuances of your work but Marketing is largely about helping Sales close leads quicker and bring in more revenue.

Think about it this way; if you make the sales department’s work that bit easier and try to work with them rather than against them, they’re more likely to support you too and recognise your contribution towards the organisation’s bottom line. But, if helping Sales is not a good enough reason in its own right, do it to subsequently make your own life easier. So, how to ease both your workloads? By using your CRM.

Use CRM for a better alignment

Efficient use of your company CRM is the most straightforward way to ensure that both Sales and Marketing align and your company flourishes. Even a few changes in your processes can mean a shortening in your company’s sales cycle and an increase in company revenue.

Help Sales create better first impressions by ensuring that your CRM is filled with the correct personal details. Names and numbers are crucial but any other detail you obtain can be of use to your sales team and could offer them another avenue in conversation. Your role is largely reconnaissance; make sure you’re feeding back correct information to those who are planning the strike.

How often do Sales complain that the leads you forward to them are simply not ready to purchase? It is said that only 25% are ready to purchase straight away, with the rest needing to be nurtured and kept warm. A CRM like Microsoft Dynamics offers the option to retain leads and score them. In doing so, you can be sure that only the best leads are sent over and Sales would have a stronger track record with your leads.

Let CRM help you sell more

Selling to existing customers is collaborative; just because you initially sent out the lead to Sales and they closed it, don’t forget about them. With all departments focusing on their own role, everyone needs to be active in their approach to previous clients.

Try to identify trends in clients’ buying habits and then help with brand awareness by nurturing them, this will help customers automatically return to you. Go further and create a marketing campaign exclusively for previous customers include incentives with your CRM to hand, you can see what they previously bought and cater to their needs.