For years, marketers have yearned to have as much information about their clients and the companies they represent in order to refine their campaigns. But that all-important additional information can sometimes be hard to glean – what sources do you use? Scour through Linkedin, company websites and news articles manually and retrieve the data yourself? It’s likely to provide reliable information but the amount of time you would spend doing so wouldn’t reflect too well on your ROI. Not to mention the fact this would be a continual process; the business world isn’t static and information changes on a daily basis, so for any of the information to be reliable, it would need to be verified regularly. What is the solution? How do you get quality information without a team dedicated to round the clock updates?

Not all data is created equal

This is where InsideView comes into its own. InsideView integrates completely with Microsoft Dynamics CRM to provide you with in depth insights into over 50m companies and people worldwide. Collated from over 30,000, InsideView sources to create a seriously well rounded image of the leads and organisations housed within your CRM.

InsideView does exactly as it suggests by cleaning up bad or dirty data from your CRM. It automatically revives your database by adding missing information to your leads or updating those that are incorrect or incomplete. A routinely maintained and cleaned database has been proven to generate as much as 7x more inquiries and 4x more qualified leads than a static database reliant on irregular updates. Not only does InsideView clean your data but it also enriches it, offering up company secrets that have traditionally been harder to acquire.

Faster, better, stronger

The speed with which InsideView collates and implements this data can help improve your marketing department’s ROI. The time spent traditionally researching for your upcoming campaign is now vastly decreased meaning you can focus on developing creative content. Not only is research drastically sped up but having a more rounded lead has been known to shorten the sales cycle.

Designed to integrate completely with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, InsideView can be up and running within 10 minutes allowing you to gain from it almost instantly. InsideView ensures that better leads are available before your marketing campaigns begin, meaning that they’re even more qualified on the other end of your campaign, and Sales are happier with a better quality of lead. This addition to Microsoft Dynamics CRM can directly help align marketing and sales, by allowing marketing to consistently send forward quality leads.