This is a summary of a Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2014 talk that was hosted by Jamie Fiorda, Director of Worldwide Product Marketing at Microsoft and Kishan Chetan, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft.

Some people believe that Microsoft isn’t for Marketers, however the truth is Microsoft have hundreds of solutions for Marketing. Using these solutions enables marketers to create amazing customer experiences. These solutions allow you to create new possibilities not only with your customers, but with how you’re marketing processes get done and the way your brand is perceived. Word-of-mouth for your brand and marketing takes your budget further and allows you to stretch your money throughout multiple resources. Without this it becomes less efficient.

Personalise your Marketing. Customers appreciate when their experiences are personalised to them as an individual, as these are more influential to remember. Your customers should be centred. Great Marketing starts with great planning. With great planning, you get great execution.

Microsoft has created a Product called “Spring Break 2014”. The product has a Seamless Data Flow, allowing integration between CRM & Dynamics Marketing. It allows marketers to keep a close eye on their leads, campaigns and goals. It’s basic layout presents a much easier and faster work flow. Being a marketer you shouldn’t need to have somebody technical to organise this product for you. Microsoft have gone a step further and created this product with one view. This allows you to design, change and track multichannel campaigns all within the one window.

When opening the application, your first view allows you to track your budget. This is an important part of marketing to know where your spending has gone and in what particular areas it has been useful. It breaks your marketing down by the percentage of use and displays it in a chart which is easy to understand.

Within the demo of the Product, Kishan demonstrated creating a campaign. The layout of the campaign was very clean and manually easy to use. I believe marketers will save time and effort with this particular area of the product as everything you need is within the one window.

Within the Campaign there’s a “Drag & Drop” feature. This allows you to manage your campaign process and how your full campaign will flow. You can insert marketing lists, content, emails, social media, the list goes on. You can take your campaign in different directions for those who have engaged and those who haven’t, and you never need to leave the window.

It also allows you to view how effective your campaign is, for example in the setting up of an event or webinar; it displays how many people have registered without needing to click anything.

Jamie mentioned that 80% of marketers spend their time creating activities and only 20% on impactful work. So merging this product with your CRM system should hopefully, alter those percentages.