Maximise CRM user adoption and make sure employee sentiment about your CRM is as positive as your ambitions for it.

Do you know why some of the best CRM people have experience outside CRM?

It’s because today, CRM providers and partners alike know people matter most. The value of CRM to your business doesn’t stem from just the software, but from how deeply people integrate it into their jobs.

It’s why disciplines like change management, process improvement, and organisation design feature on the CVs of today’s CRM experts. Because when an implementation fails – as, sadly, some still do – it’s usually because the software was rolled out without taking the people along and there has been a lack of CRM user adoption.

This SlideShare outlines how you can inspire positive attitudes towards CRM adoption.

That’s change management. A process. Above all, demonstrate at every step how CRM user adoption will make everyone’s life more rewarding.

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