Increase efficiences and revenue generation activity by creating one place of work in Microsoft Team

With the era of Hybrid working now upon us, an increasing number of organisations are welcoming their employees back to the office. However, despite now being able to reconnect with familiar faces and surroundings, the landscape and expectations of office working have been drastically altered.

Incremental Groups’ new Hybrid Working Office space in Glasgow

Like many, we’ve returned to office working on a part-time basis, to a space designed to facilitate a Hybrid Working approach. Rather than being expected to be in the office every day, employees are being encouraged to return when they feel safe and comfortable doing so. With such change now upon us, how do we ensure that we are able to operate efficiently within the new structure to our working lives? Indeed, if the office is no longer our place of work, then where is it?

One notion is that Microsoft Teams provides such efficiencies and become this place.

Microsoft Teams already provides the platform for many of our daily working tasks. Meetings, calls, instant messages, documents and calendars can all be shared and managed by colleagues on a daily basis. What’s more, native integrations with the rest of the Microsoft platform – including Microsoft Planner, Outlook, Dynamics 365, and the Power Platform – enable employees to complete all their daily actions from inside the Teams application.

Dynamics 365 for Sales capability integrated into Microsoft Teams.

These native integrations continue to evolve with further capabilities being announced through Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 2021 Release Wave 2. Through further integrations with Dynamics 365 for Sales, users will soon be able to access Dynamics 365 Sales records from within an associated Teams meeting, and have their meeting notes captured in Teams where they are then automatically added to the associated Dynamics 365 Sales record.

This will enable sales teams to spend less time updating CRM records and collating data from multiple locations and building strong client relationships through effective utilisation of their data from one central location.

Customer Journey: Microsoft Teams Webinar Attendance to Dynamics 365 Marketing Contact.

Marketers too will be able to perform more of their daily tasks from inside the Teams app due to improved connectivity between Teams and Dynamics 365 for Marketing, enabling users to create and manage webinar participant registrations from within Teams. What’s more, users will then be able to trigger follow-up customer journeys in Dynamics 365 Marketing based on the behaviour data captured in Teams.

Marketers will therefore be able to spend more time crafting and delivering the right messages to their target audience, and less time collecting and organising audience data.

Such innovations and added features are enabling Microsoft Teams to become the one place of work for employees across the business. Whether working from home, the office, or even your local café, the enhanced integrations with Dynamics 365 for Sales and Marketing provide end users with a single customer view from inside Teams, allowing users to utilise organisational data more efficiently and leverage this when communicating with their customers.

The evolution of Teams alongside the rest of the Microsoft stack is therefore enabling the platform to establish itself as the one place of work, accessible at any time and from any place. As we move forward in the world of Hybrid working environments, leveraging the collective power of the Microsoft stack through Teams will enable deep relationships to be built with both colleagues and clients alike, empowering Commercial and other teams to increase efficiencies by spending less time on administrative tasks and more time on revenue generating activities.

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