2 min readInbound marketing – Newsjacking for small teams


Newsjacking is a buzzword in inbound marketing right now. The web is a fast-moving environment and if people are searching, sharing, hash tagging and linking to a story you could get your page or blog into the mix with quality, current content.
However, a word of caution, newsjacking can backfire. Horror stories of companies which appear to be trying to cash in on tragedies fly around the web. Never let newsjacking hijack your sense of what’s right and tasteful.
Here are four ways to get it right.

  1. Fast reaction
  2. Speed and accuracy are paramount as news breaks. You can see an example here – just the bare bones, but remember that you can update and expand at a later date.
    It’s tough for a small team to break news, you need to be really on top of things in your industry. But if you’re first, yours could be the page everyone links to.

  3. Added value
  4. Once the first wave of attention has passed, the facts are no longer enough. This is the time – and we’re talking hours – to bring your personal expertise to bear. What can your readers learn from a story? If you can add real value or insight to something that’s happening in your industry you could reap links galore for your page.

  5. A quick analysis
  6. Opinion follows news as surely as night follows day and if you can come up with a striking and considered view on a big story people will want to hear it.
    Be timely and don’t be afraid to be controversial if you’re prepared to stand by your opinions and they’re honestly held.
    This blog from internet marketing experts Hubspot on Tumblr’s sale to Yahoo got the writer BBC airtime as an ‘expert’ with priceless coverage for his company.

  7. Bringing up the rear
  8. As the news machine moves on to pastures new you can consider the long-term impacts of a big story. You’ll need to be able to work out what will last and is worthy of this sort of deeper analysis. Don’t take a false position simply for the sake of controversy, but do try to be creative and think laterally.

Newsjacking can send your traffic figures spiking if you do it well, but remember that to keep visitors coming back you need to give them something with lasting value too.