3 min readHow We Improve on Best Practice

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At Redspire, we pride ourselves on our implementation model, which gives our customers one of the most thorough CRM deployments available. Having helped plenty of organisations transition from a non-CRM business model to one that puts CRM at the heart of its success, we understand the complexities better than most and know how to overcome them accordingly.

In the past, we have been upfront – even vocal – about the various statistics that state that CRM failure rate is between 50% – 80%, quite a damning figure. This is because we know full well that this needn’t be case, that if you choose the correct supplier and carefully plan the implementation, you will benefit greatly from the system.

Our current implementation formula that extends way beyond what’s considered best practice within the industry is a two-pronged approach. As a sole distributor of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, firstly we follow Microsoft’s own best practice guide; the Sure Step Methodology. If followed correctly, this tool goes a long way towards guaranteeing positive results with your CRM. It’s already acknowledged as the definitive way to install and kick start any Microsoft Dynamics CRM project, which is why we continue to use it as our first port of call.

Interestingly, it’s our second approach, the TrueFIT approach that takes us far beyond Microsoft’s best practice. Our TrueFIT methodology allows Redspire to move beyond a ‘one solution fits all’ approach to implementation and really cater to the individual needs of our clients.

It’s a segmented approach to developing your business; we identify a business unit that would be best suited to CRM implementation and subsequently train, refine and develop this area of the business to the highest level, before moving on to the next. Concentrating on one department at a time allows us to develop bespoke processes for each area of the business and, in turn, get the most out of them. This modular approach also helps us to ensure that each of your departments are aligned with your business’ core ideologies, working towards one end goal.

The usual TrueFIT experience runs as follows:

  1. We consult with you to understand what your business needs are and subsequently create a task force best suited to meeting these aims.
  2. We introduce you to the ‘vanilla’ version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the out of the box version. This helps both you – and us – identify where you need additional support and customisation.
  3. Knowing what areas you would like us to focus on, we outline a plan of action that will allow us to get your CRM up and running as quick as possible.
  4. We implement the CRM one department at a time, guaranteeing every voice within the company is heard.
  5. Once everyone in a subsequent department is happy, we move on to the next, until your entire company is fully operational.

The fact that we take this departmental approach to CRM implementation makes us unlike any of the other major CRM suppliers. Using the Sure Step Methodology helps us ensure that we don’t overlook anything within the CRM whilst using our TrueFIT tool makes sure that we don’t miss out anything you need.

TrueFIT helps us get to the root of you and your employee’s issues, no matter how small or hidden away they are, our departmental approach gives everyone a voice. Our expertise is there to help you overcome any problems and make sure you aren’t part of that unsightly statistic.