1 min readHow do different age groups use CRM? Survey results… [Slideshare]


We all know the benefits of using CRM – but does a user’s age have a role to play in its successful deployment?

Redspire’s CRM survey reveals some interesting insights about how different age groups use CRM, as well as their attitudes towards it. Our slideshare reveals how well different age groups understand CRM, how well they use it and how they feel towards it. Your organisation ought to reflect on how well your CRM is serving different age groups and what you can do to improve overall user experience.


Those in the 55+ group have the most positive attitude towards CRM, undoubtedly as they have a better understanding of it and are able to achieve more with the information available. While this will provide your organisation with many benefits, it’s important that every user is successfully adopting and using CRM in the same way. The younger generation of workers within your team will become increasingly important as CRM starts to become more social, but crucially, when those in the 55+ group look to retire.

To uncover more insights into how businesses are deploying CRM, download Redspire’s free in-depth survey: ‘Report: How people really use CRM systems’.