Social media marketing is only as good as the content created to support it. Jumping into Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest is all very well, but you need a coherent strategy for the meat that will make your presence a compelling attraction to clients and potential customers.
Here’s a short guide to creating a social media content strategy.

  1. Find your platform
  2. Who are you trying to reach and where are they? You need to know this to produce the right sort of content for each social media channel. Lots of links won’t work on a smartphone-accessed platform.

  3. Tailor your content
  4. Content can be broadly the same across all platforms, but you need to use the right language and format for each one.
    And remember how short attention spans are online. A steady stream of positive company news will soon get people turning off. Mix it up.

  5. Plan ahead
  6. Social media is a long term project that will fail if it launches in an explosion of enthusiasm that turns to a slow dribble.
    Plan ahead to keep your content coming.
    A monthly calendar will help you time your posts and you can buy automating software like Hootsuite to get ahead with your content creation while the posting is left to the machine.

  7. Don’t step back
  8. If you do automate then be double sure to keep on top of posts. Check for broken links – nothing looks worse – and follow up comments and likes. Keep a note of interactions to measure the success of your posts and repeat what works.

  9. React
  10. Social media is a new way to interact. Interaction is the key. Post and forget and no-one will take you seriously. Answer questions, respond to complaints. And, be timely, particularly with negative comments. Even if you can’t provide the full answer, acknowledge complaints as quickly as you can.

  11. Don’t ignore the results
  12. Take advantage of all the free metrics tools you can find and note all comments.
    Keep an eye on your audience as it grows or changes. You need to know what they enjoy and when they’re available for messages and to be ready to react accordingly.