The last 18 months or so have been a busy time for Redspire! We’ve worked on lots of exciting digital transformation projects, onboarded new clients, including Virgin Money, Beazley, BRIT and Arch to name a few, and of course expanded our ever-growing team with a lot of new faces.

Someone who has been here through all of it is our Solutions Specialist Iain Kennedy. You may have seen him mentioned in some of our LinkedIn posts recently, or even seen him in some of our videos on YouTube.

Iain plays an integral role in our Commercial team, and we thought it was time we let you find out what a day in the life of Iain looks like, his highlights from working in Redspire, if he’s looking forward to a return to the office and how important the customer relationship is to success.

Iain, tell us about what a typical day looks like for you at Redspire?

I’m lucky in the sense that, within the commercial team at Redspire that a typical day doesn’t really exist. Every client we speak to have their own unique set of challenges, so that means our days are dynamic (pardon the pun).

Working from home has really changed the structure of our working days, but what hasn’t changed is the collective team ethic we have. A typical day will consist of a team meeting to synchronise on the working day/week ahead and see where we can support each other. From there, the day is made up of a mixture of internal meetings and customer meetings. For customer meetings, we’ll always schedule in preparation time, whether that’s pulling together a deck, figuring out our approach to a particular client’s problem, building a demo etc.

After those meetings, it’s really a case of doing any follow up activity. Which could be sending out more information to the customer, scheduling the next catch up or writing proposals. I’ve got a focus on Insurance clients, so I’m also responsible for working on our new ABM activity and managing new opportunities with our existing clients too.

Since you’ve joined Redspire, what have been some of the highlights?

Having been at Redspire for four years now, I’ve worked in various roles, starting as a Junior Consultant In the delivery team before moving through to the commercial team as a Solution Specialist. Through that journey there have been many highlights:

  • The opportunity to self-direct my own training and become certified on Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform. These are best in class platforms within the business application space, which enable us to deliver transformative solutions for our customers.
  • Exposure to critical meetings with business decision makers, whether that was to introduce Redspire, gathering requirements, delivering solution demonstrations, or presenting approaches. This exposure has enabled me to develop into someone who is comfortable in these situations.
  • I’ve been fortunate in that I have been witness to the growth of Redspire over this time. This can of course be measured in financial terms, but it’s also measured through the development of the relationship we have with Microsoft, the calibre of the clients we are working with, many of which are the coolest organisations within their industries.
  • From a personal point of view, I was lucky to go to Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas, which was amazing. It was a great experience, and I was able to see all the people who work within the Microsoft ecosystem descend into one location. I was surrounded by people who have that shared experience and interest in the Microsoft world in which we all spend our working lives.

You mentioned that a typical day is different since working from home – how do you feel about returning to the office?

Returning to the office is such an interesting topic of conversation and a massive challenge for decision makers. I was someone who loved the office; I enjoyed the environment of being surrounded by people working towards a common goal and the energy that creates. I also see work as being a social activity.

However, working from home has shown that the technology we use for remote working has been so successful that we have proven it’s possible to work from home and be just as productive. This means there will inevitably be some sort of hybrid model, meaning that being in the office won’t be the same and even if I am at the office, I’m likely to be communicating with people who aren’t. The hybrid model is a massive opportunity though, especially as I’m now able to speak to many more customers in a day than I was before. The adoption of collaboration tools such as Teams has enabled much greater efficiency working on projects and opportunities. The continuation of that does excite me.

Finally, as a member of the Commercial team where it’s all about relationship building, how important are the customer relationship to what Redspire do?

Customer relationships are very important, and we are very fortunate to have great relationships with our clients. The key to great relationships in this space is to deliver value, and our approach ensures that we always do that. Our primary focus is on “the why” and not “the how” or “what”. When focus is on “the why”, It helps our customers achieve impactful business benefits through working with Redspire and once that is realised the relationship part is easy.

We’d like to thank Iain for giving up some of his time to answer a few questions for us. You can follow Iain on LinkedIn here, and if you would like to find out more about how our solutions can help your business get in touch.