Free is great! And, many CRM systems will try to tempt you to buy with a free CRM software trial. However, you must be prepared if you are to get the best out of a trial. Choosing a CRM solution can be hard work and making a mistake can be costly for your organisation.

If you already use a CRM system then at least you will have something against which to judge the new product. Even then, you should try to evaluate what your current CRM does well and what it doesn’t, you’ll want to have a baseline that you want to exceed.

Free CRM software: The opportunity

Remember that a CRM system is a solution to a business challenge, so ask yourself what questions you want answered by this new tool. Throughout the preparation for the trial and the actual evaluation involve as many of the stakeholders as possible. You’ll want input from a representative of every department who’ll actually be end users of the system; What do they need from the system? What are their specific requirements? What questions do they want answered?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 was launched in October last year  and offers users a free trial period and Redspire are on hand to help you get the most of your Dynamics trial.

With or without our help, it is very worthwhile to watch all the supporting videos, and you should certainly review all the documentation you can before you get going. Experts also agree that using your own data will make any trial more realistic and more useful for you. Try to use your trial CRM as you foresee it actually being used in your organisation, if you have to prioritise, pick the processes that you think will make the most difference. Use processes until you’re happy with them and can demonstrate them to colleagues.

Do you need a CRM consultant?

As to whether you should use a specialist – like Redspire – to guide you, there is certainly room for debate. Clearly, you know how your operation works but a CRM specialist will be able to identify how to migrate your processes into the day-to-day operation of a CRM system.

CRM systems can be very complex, and take time to learn, so there’s bound to be a period with any new product while you’re finding your way around, bear this in mind when you’re going through your trial.

Free trials are a great resource, but they’re not free in terms of time and effort on your part and you must be prepared to expend both to get the most out of trials.

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